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The Little House on the Prairie Rebuild

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Sep 18, 2004 4:57 AM.
Little House on the Prairie sets, Michael Landon had most of the town blowed
up, what was left was the Little House, the Church, Garvey's house, the Blind
school maybe some others, that's what I read on another Little House Web Site, "WHAT Happed after the fires.
There were many fire's buringing throughout Southern California mountains late
Oct 2003, They burned for days.
Unfortinatly the fires burnt onto the sets of where Little house on the Prairie was filmed,
The Sets of Little House is located in Simi Valley California.

What I am looking forward to doing, is rebuilding the Little House and the rest of the Town
as well as planting Trees because the sets burned down, I will need to get the blue prints of all the sets
and I would like to locate all locations of where each house in the town were located.

Help too to rebuild the Little House on the Prairie sets, if you have
children who grew up watching the Little house on the Prairie, or you yourself grew up watching and would like to help
Please be a part of the rebuild, I am going to try to get started as soon as I get permission to the land, God help ME.

I visited the parking lot where they parked on Benette RD, and talked with
one of the Plant Nursery workers who went along to watch the filming of the

Little house on the Prairie, he told me this is the parking lot which was right
next to the Plant Nursery, I want to go up there, he told me you can't, you
just can't drive up there, its private Property, I did not
know how far up that road lead up to the Little house sets, as the worker told me they
took a Bus from the lot up that road, to the filming site.

Ok I can't go up there, so we talked for some time, I told him If I were rich i
would buy all this land and keep it just the way it is, so fans could come up here to visit the sets, he hoped it would
remain the same too.
"We said Our Goodbye's"

All volunteers contract workers, who can help us in the rebuilding
email me - click here littlehouseontheprairierebuild at
I will still need to get permission to rebuild the whole town of Walnut Grove,
so please check back soon.

"Interview on a NBC, "Melissa Gilbert".
Later last year I heard that "Melissa Gilbert", visited the Set of Little House
with a film Crew, and told in a interview that the Set was burnt, I don't know
if she wanted to do some filming there again, but there was a rumor of
something in the works, I am not sure if "Melissa Gilbert" had plans of a Movie
there, but I do remember in the earlier 90's of them tring to make a new Movie
on the set, thats what I read in a Transcript Live Chat, but someone owns the
rights to the name of The Little House on the Prairie.
Today I don't know if thats still the case.

I hope that they could then make the new Little House on the Prairie Movie, if
we can use the name, or maybe change the name to something different, like
"The New Little House"..
and Continue "Michael Landon" work.

I would love "Melissa Gilbert" and all the rest of the surviving cast members
to be in the new movie.
Most shows have reunion's, but because the Little House on the Prairie name is
owned; said "Melissa Gilbert", "I don't know who own's the name", sorry
to hear they did not go onto filming a reunion.

If anyone out there would like to help rebuild the Little House Please
, email me - click here littlehouseontheprairierebuild at

When I get the Permission to Start I would like all the Little House on the
Prairie fans to take part in this dream-to rebuilding of Little House on the
Prairie sets.

We also need to sell Little House Memorabilia to help raise the money to help
for all the materials, from nails - to lumber Glass ECT... even the Blue Prints
of all of the sets, and exact locations of each House, including the Little
house. Donated materials would be very appreciated. Buy trees to replace all
the trees that were burnt, hopefully we could find trees the same size amd put
them in the same locations if possible- it would be great to have this Scenery
again. "it must be sad for "Melissa Gilbert" to see no trees or grass no town,
since she grow up there. I hope to see a different Scenery soon with our help".

If we could get Donations to this Memorabilia anything with Photos of Little
House on it
we could go on tour to many different locations to raise the money by selling
these items to fans, We will also need T-Shirts with little house on the
Prairie LOGOS on it, anything with little House on the Prairie on it that fans
can buy, and we could start our tour on the parking lot where the Little House
cast parked.
And I would like to have a Dance party there, so bring your dancing Shoes, to dance to the 80's.
We will need to Raise money to rebuild the whole town and form a Company
With Advertisings, to help pay for using the land, it don't come cheap.

Regards Lorenzo
Another Little House Fan.

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